Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange


How to join NNENIX



NNENIX is a non-profit entity.  The exchange is operated on a cost-recovery basis, by charging for access ports.  


We have set the following initial cost structure, which may be adjusted based on the number of participants:

  • 1 GigE port - $250/month (invoiced quarterly)
  • 10 GigE port - $750/month (invoiced quarterly)
  • One time setup fee of $500

Exchange participants will be responsible for obtaining their own fiber optic access and a cross connection into the exchange switch, and must also provide the appropriate SFP/SFP+ optic for the NNENIX side.


In addition to network operators connected to the Exchange, Affiliate membership plans are available for groups and individuals that wish to support the NNENIX mission of improving Internet access for Northern New England.


NNENIX is currently soliciting donations of additional 10 GigE switches from equipment vendors and financial support for other organizational costs.  

We have received a donation of Cisco Nexus switching gear from Packet Clearing House.

To sponsor NNENIX or donate equipment, please contact a member of the organizing team.