Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange


Benefits of participating in NNENIX

Direct Peering

NNENIX participants are able to exchange traffic with each other directly across the exchange fabric switches.  Avoiding Boston, New York, or Chicago will decrease round trip packet latency.

Access will be available as single or multiple Ethernet ports (LAG bundles supported) at 1 GigE and 10 GigE speeds.

NNENIX also offers an intra-member private VLAN service, to support private peering or transit purchases.

Route Server

Like most exchanges, we operate redundant BGP route servers, to facilitate configuration and maintenance of the peering connections as we add more members.

Content Caching Servers

High-capacity access to redundant content caching servers hosted at UMaine are available to all NNENIX members. UMaine currently has content cache servers provided by:

  • Netflix 
  • Akamai
  • Google

When traffic levels justify it, NNENIX will be provided its own caching servers to locate directly in the IX.

DNS Anycast Service

The Domain Name System is a distributed hierarchical database of resource records that permit (among other things) the translation of hostnames into IP addresses and vice versa. The root of this hierarchy is anchored on 13 domain name servers scattered across the globe. 

Packet Clearing House (PCH) has located and operates an E-Root DNS anycast server at NNENIX's Orono PoP. PCH is the largest authoritative DNS service network in the world, hosting multiple root letters and nearly 400 top-level domains on thousands of servers in 179 locations around the world. 

Planned Services


Additional services will be on-line soon.  We plan on the following: